Wind- und Umweltgutachten für





1. Site inspection

  • survey of positions for wind measuring
  • positions of reference turbines
  • planned wind energy turbines (WET)
  • verifying of maps, coordinates of WET and other objects
  • inspection with customer on demand



2. Basical data

  • analysis of existing winddata
  • analysis of yield data of reference turbines
  • consulting on inquiry of new data
  • examination of measured data
  • cooperation with companies which execute wind measurements

3. Modeling

  • compilation of a digital terrain model
  • setting of wind energy turbines (WET), measuring stations and other relevant objects

4. Wind regime

  • wind profile, wind rose
  • wind regime at single WET
  • wake effect



5. Long-term correlation

  • on basis of determined site data and long-term near site measured wind data we predict annual average yields with suitable methods of long-term correlation and show possible fluctuations in energy production

6. Conclusion of calculations

  • calculated yields
  • average wind speeds in hub height
  • wake effect
  • time series of energy production show possible fluctuation of yields

7. Uncertainty factors in fluctuation analysis

  • the described works and data bases in the report, which led to the conclusion, are rated individually concerning their uncertainty.
    These ratings are summarized to give an overall uncertainty. A calculation of p-values follows

8. Evaluation on use of the site

  • in the end of the report it is shown which further methods and data could be used to increase the certainty of the yield prognosis

We work according to the technical guidline: 

TG 6 – Determination of wind potential and energy yields

published by:  FGW e.V. – Federation of Wind and other Decentralised Energies Oranienburger Straße 45 10117 Berlin Germany  

revision 10 as at Oktober 26th 2017



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