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Working with basical data in WindPro

  • data of the area are written into WindPro. Therefore data of explorations, topographical and satellite maps are harmonized and put into a digital model of the site
  • wind data are analyzed and checked. The data prepared by WindPro, are used in described wind field models. If you use WindPro for planning, a sharing of data is possible
  • results are clearly shown in special WindPro files. WindPro is established in sound, shade and sight studies. Wind potential maps are shown in WindPro 

Wind field modeling with WAsP

  • the program WAsP (Windatlas Analysis and Application Program) by the company RISØ is used for wind field modeling since 30 years. It was advanced over that time
  • this program is mainly used by JH Wind for flat or hilly regions. At more complex area structures CFD modeling is made

CFD wind field modeling

  • when it comes to high degrees of slopes, cliffy area and obstacles WAsP is not sufficient for calculating the impact of the area on the wind. Experiences shown that calculations with CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) methods are better for modeling the wind structure. These methods are more extensive and can additionally use further meteorological factors
  • CFD modeling is not used as long as WAsP yet in wind field modeling and is advanced. At the moment we use the program of Meteodyn WT at JH Wind. Additionally further programs for wind field modeling are evaluated


We work according to the technical guidline: 

TG 6 – Determination of wind potential and energy yields

published by:  FGW e.V. – Federation of Wind and other Decentralised Energies Oranienburger Straße 45 10117 Berlin Germany  

revision 10 as at Oktober 26th 2017



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