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  • wind potential studies give you the opportunity to estimate the use of wind energy projects

Reasons for potential studies

  • not enough wind data for a bankable report are available
  • no decisions for the exact site of the WETs were made
  • TR6 requirements for bankable reports cannot be met yet
  • the area of one or more communities shall be reviewed concerning its wind potential
  • members of the community are informed about the wind potential of their region to be able to decide about the planning of WET sites
  • energy provider, project- and energy cooperatives can execute a search for sites
  • if the potential study expects an reasonably economic WET operation, further data can be measured and bankable reports can be made

The following steps are included in the potential studies

1. Exploration of site

  • on demand

2. Basical data

  • data from JH Wind and - if available - from customers
  • possible further inquiry of data   

3. Modeling

  • low-cost WAsP modeling in most cases as a first step of site assessment

4. Potential map

  • average annual wind speeds in reference heights for examined areas are shown on maps



5. Long-term correlation

  • is made with available data 

6. Conclusion of calculations

  • yields are calculated for WET and are used as examples
  • types and sites of WET can be given by customer or chosen by JH Wind

7. Uncertainty factors, fluctuation analysis

  • uncertainties are evaluated
  • detailed uncertainty analysis are made only in bankable reports

8. Evaluation on usage of the site

  • in the end of the study it is shown which further methods and data could be used to increase the certainty of the yield prognosis


We work according to the technical guidline: 

TG 6 – Determination of wind potential and energy yields

published by:  FGW e.V. – Federation of Wind and other Decentralised Energies Oranienburger Straße 45 10117 Berlin Germany  

revision 10 as at Oktober 26th 2017



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